MAU (Miguel Ângelo Utopia) is the new project led by double bass player Miguel Ângelo. MAU is composed by: Miguel Ângelo - Doublebass, Miguel Moreira - Guitar and Mário Costa - Drums.

UTOPIA is the title of this MAU trio´s debut album. You can listen and buy it here!

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In December 2018, MAP did a small tour with the great sax player Chris Cheek. From the live concerts we have compliled the best moments and did a great album. Beside playing the double bass, i have mix and masterized the album.
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Murmuration it is the Pedro Neves trio new album. It is one of the most beatifull albuns i have participated. Beside my function as bass player i did the recording, mix and master of the album!
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«...First comes the application, then the theory is announced. It should always be like this, but it isn´t, and the fact that this disc reverses the terms is halfway to its success…» @ by Rui Eduardo Paes

Utopia review by Rui Eduardo Paes,
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UTOPIA  |  MAU - Miguel Ângelo Utopia (2019)


«As a composer and improviser Mr Ângelo shows himself as an insightful musician who teases out the dense rhetoric from pure music. This coupled with all the virtuoso aspects of his playing make this album a memorable one both in terms of ideas and just plain brilliant bass playing.» @ by Raul da Gama

Great review by Canadian jornalist Raul da Gama, check it:
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I THINK I´M GOING TO EAT DESSERT  |  Miguel Ângelo Solo (2017)


«The album´s title suggests that this is music intended as an afterthought—as something to be enjoyed only after the "main course" has been consumed. But that´s somewhat misleading, as it´s a substantial repast all on its own: one that leaves the listener fully satiated.» by Troy Dostert @ AllAboutJazz

A very nice review by Troy Dostert @ AllAboutJazz.
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I THINK I´M GOING TO EAT DESSERT  |  Miguel Ângelo Solo (2017)


«I think I´m going to eat dessert» considered one of the best jazz albuns of 2017 by

This is the second year that i have one of my albuns on the best of the year list of magazine.

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I THINK I´M GOING TO EAT DESSERT  |  Miguel Ângelo Solo (2017)


«Essential disc for lovers of the double bass and for any jazz lover.» by José Ramón @ La Habitación del Jazz

Now from Spain, a very nice review about my solo album at the blog La Habitación del Jazz

I THINK I´M GOING TO EAT DESSERT  |  Miguel Ângelo Solo (2017)




08/02/2020 @ Porto, tba
Pedro Neves Trio


09/02/2020 @ Porto, tba


08/06/2020 @ Berlin, Germany
Sónia Pinto, Why try to change me now


20/06/2020 @ CCB, Lisboa
Jogo de Damas