After released “BRANCO", the group´s debut album, in 2013, and the album “A VIDA DE X”, in 2016, Quarteto, led by bassist and composer Miguel Ângelo, now promotes the third work of the quartet - “DANÇA DOS DESASTRADOS”.

Based on possible Traditional Dances, real or imagined, this is the proposal of the music group to listen, feel and dance, even for the most “clumsy”.

About the digital project

The arts complement each other, intersect, run over each other and in conjunction allow for new achievements and realities. For this reason, the double bassist and composer, who is also a computer programmer, allied himself with the graphic artist Maria Mónica, author of the album´s cover and, from the music and cover of the album, created a new digital “autonomous” world, game, landscape and / or virtual reality so that music, design and technology enhance the sensory experience of the listener / interlocutor (a).

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With the support of Fundação GDA.


MAU (Miguel Ângelo Utopia) is the new project led by double bass player Miguel Ângelo. MAU is composed by: Miguel Ângelo - Doublebass, Miguel Moreira - Guitar and Mário Costa - Drums.

UTOPIA is the title of this MAU trio´s debut album. You can listen and buy it here!

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«...Together they create a parallel dream reality in a context that could be a nightmare. It happens exactly what is announced, «the arts complement each other, intersect, trample and, in conjunction, allow for new achievements and realities»...» @ Jazz.pt by Rui Eduardo Paes

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DANÇA DOS DESASTRADOS  |  Miguel Ângelo Quartet (2021)


«...A very narrative album, tremendously open, very creative, where free improvisation and written music are combined with a lot of communication and lyricism within the group... this album has everything, it's an authentic wonder, one of the best we've heard this year...» @ Universos Paralelos (ES) by Sergio Cabanillas

Dança dos Desastrados featured on the Madrid radio program "Universos Paralelos". Listen here

DANÇA DOS DESASTRADOS  |  Miguel Ângelo Quartet (2021)


Utopia, suggestion of the week by Nuno Rogeiro, at Sic Notícias.

The album Utopia as a suggestion of the week by the commentator Nuno Rogeiro, in the TV network Sic Notícias...
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UTOPIA  |  MAU - Miguel Ângelo Utopia (2019)


Land, MAZAM, in the lists of best records of 2020 (Notas Azuis and Jazz.pt)

Land, MAZAM in the best 10 national jazz records, according to Rui Miguel Abreu of the website Rimas e Batidas:
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In the list of the best of 2020 on the jazz.pt magazine
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LAND  |  MAZAM (2020)


«... It is true that Portuguese jazz is too small to speak of“ super-groups ”, but if they existed this would be one of them.» @ aformadojazz.com by Nuno Catarino

Land, MAZAM by Nuno Catarino from A forma do Jazz:
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LAND  |  MAZAM (2020)




18/06/2021 @ Parque da Maia
Dança dos Desastrados


24/06/2021 @ Ermo do Caos
Miguel Ângelo

Carta aberta


11/07/2021 @ CriaJazz - Leiria


21/07/2021 @ Festival de Jazz de Viseu
MAU (with Mário Delgado)


22/07/2021 @ Festival de Jazz de Viseu
Carlos Peninha 4teto


24/07/2021 @ Festival de Jazz Setúbal


25/07/2021 @ Festival Porta-Jazz - Porto


27/08/2021 @ Jardins do Palácio de Cristal - Porto
Dança dos Desastrados


02/10/2021 @ Festival de Jazz de Dos Hermanas (Sevilla, Spain)
Dança dos Desastrados