Miguel Ângelo Quartet (2021)

After “BRANCO”, the group´s debut album, in 2013, and the album “A VIDA DE X”, in 2016, Quarteto, led by bassist and composer Miguel Ângelo, now promotes the third work of the group - “DANCE DOS DESASTRADOS”.

Keeping the formation in quartet with his usual companions - João Guimarães in Sax Alto, Joaquim Rodrigues in Piano and Marcos Cavaleiro in Bateria -, the new album is the continuity of the work and maturation of the composer and the group, which is more creative, inspired and matured.

Based on possible Traditional Dances, real or imagined, this is the proposal of the music group to listen, feel and dance, even for the most “clumsy”.


The arts complement each other, intersect, run over each other and in conjunction allow for new achievements and realities. For this reason, the double bass player, who also has a degree in Informatics and Applied Mathematics, joined the graphic artist Maria Mónica, author of the album´s cover and, from music, created a new digital “autonomous” world, in the form of a game, landscape and / or virtual reality so that music, design and technology enhance the sensory experience of the listener / interlocutor (a).

Create your world HERE.

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