My new project with my friend is singing Kiko Pereira: KiMiKus

KiMiKus is the new jazz project that combines the resonant sounds of Prof. Mikelius (double bass player Miguel Ângelo) with vocals by the enigmatic Dr. K (singer Kiko Pereira).

The duo presents their debut album “Modus Novos”, which promises to be a sublime collection of poetic compositions, illustrated with a mini story in the form of a comic strip created with photos by Anabela Trindade and drawings by Yasmin Machado.

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PILGRIMAGE, MAZAM in the best jazz releases of 2022

The album Pilgrimage of the colective MAZAM was considered one of the best jazz alguns of 2022 in several list:

> Onsite Rimas e Batidas
> At Radar Fm (por João Morado)



«The years of waiting ended with the remarkable “Serpente”, in quartet, where he appears accompanied by superlative musicians, leaders of their own projects... with an always exquisite rhythm section - including a beautiful solo by Miguel Ângelo... and one more remarkable contribution from a state-of-grace bass player.» by António Branco on

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SERPENTE  |  Carlos Azevedo Quarteto (2022)


«Mazam creates a true synergistic effect. Indeed, the whole is much greater than the sum of the individual parts...» by Mark Corroto on All About Jazz

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«These creative bursts—eccentric vignettes of love affairs between dissonance and melody—have an idiosyncratic quality that any ensemble would love to match.» by Dave Sumner on The Best Jazz on Bandcamp: April 2022

PILGRIMAGE on The Best Jazz on Bandcamp: April 2022.

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«It’s difficult not to approach the second release from the Portuguese group Mazam...both recordings have the feel of a band that has devoted time to developing as a unit and embarking on “ an adventure through the lands of creative and improvised music .” In any case, the set offered here makes clear why these musicians are in such demand.» By Jim Marks on

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01/06/2024 @Póvoa do Varzim
Jogos de Damas


26/07/2024 @Caldas da Rainha
Rui Fernandes Quarteto


07/09/2024 @ Lisboa - TBA


08/09/2024 @ Feira do Livro, Porto
Luís Ribeiro 6teto


28/09/2024 @ ACERT, Viseu
Carlos Peninha


03/11/2024 @ Baião
Rui Fernandes Quarteto


08/11/2024 @ Casa das Artes de Famalicão
Rui Fernandes Quarteto


29/11/2024 @ Espinho
Carlos Azevedo 4teto + Chris Cheek + OJE